Ze Canuto

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Zé Canuto was born in Rio and at the age of 16 started studying music at   Villa-Lobos School of Music and graduated in theory and ear training two years later. When he was 18 his father gave him his first saxophone, then he started taking lessons with Idriss Boudrioua. One year after that, he was replacing for Idriss in some gigs already. Gigs such as TV programs and with the famous composer and singer Marcos Valle whose songs have been recorded and performed by several foreign artists.

In 1986, Zé Canuto went to Rio School of Music and gratuated in 1989 majoring in Harmony and Arrangement with Professor Sérgio Benevenuto. Meanwhile, he made his debut as a pro   playing with Emílio Santiago. Since then he has played and recorded with many successful Brazilian singers like Gal Costa, Simone (including The Montreaux Jazz Festival with Quincy Jones), Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Francis Hime, Jorge Benjor, Ivan Lins, Daniela Mercury, Cássia Eller, Pepeu Gomes, Moraes Moreira, Milton Nascimento, Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, Barão Vermelho, Altay Veloso, Nico Rezende, Dorival Caymmi, Sueli Costa, Marina Lima, Titãs, Miúcha, Leila Pinheiro, Rita Lee, Ed Motta, Midnight Blues Band, Michel Legrand and also with great instrumental musician like Quarteto Brasil (Cristovão Bastos, Jurim Moreira, Bororó), Billy Cobham, Aécio Flávio, Luiz Avellar, Leandro Braga, Mú Carvalho, Dino Rangel, Ricardo Leão, Arthur Maia, Mou Brasil, Victor Biglione, Torcuato Mariano, Paulo Braga and so forth.

Since the beginning of his career, his name is a must for any top quality recording and concerts. Both audience and music critics have always shown strong approval of his work - “...the brilliant sax player Zé Canuto...” (Folha de São Paulo, June 1992), “...the 90’s best new sax player...” (O Globo, April 1991), “...orchestral arrangement with great sax of Zé Canuto…”(O Globo, July 1997), “…this with a brilliant introduction of Zé Canuto…” (O Dia, August 1997), “...and he is a special orchestra”. (comment about participation in Gal Costa..s concert published in Jornal do Brasil, July 1997), “The Brazilian..s Jack Mclean” (O Globo, January 1999) Also, Zé Canuto records with the most important names of Brazilian   Gospel music such as Grupo Rebanhão, Carlinhos Félix, Josué Rodrigues, Jossana Glessa, Matos Nascimento, Ozéias de Paula, Aline Barros, Cristina Mel, Kléber Lucas as well as taking parts in workshops all over the country and teaching music to many young musicians.



Virtuoso Alto Saxophone


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