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Tom Scott

"RS Berkeley is devoted to making the finest instruments on the planet.  I was blown away by the superior quality of their saxes and woodwinds on my first visit to RS Berkeley. They insist on keeping a very high standard in everything they create and, for that reason, I have become an ardent fan and endorser of RS Berkeley Instruments."



As a "first-call" L.A. session musician since the 70s, saxophonist/composer Tom Scott has dozens of solo recordings for which he collected thirteen Grammy nominations (three of which he won). He also has numerous film and television scoring credits, including composing and conducting the score for the movie Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and appeared on records by such diverse artists as George Harrison, the Beach Boys, the Grateful Dead, Paul McCartney, Steppenwolf, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Joni Mitchell, Blondie, Eddie Money, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones, Carole King, Helen Reddy, Olivia Newton-John and Frank Sinatra, to name a few.  Scott was a founding member of the Blues Brothers Band, despite his absence in the two films.

Scott's best-known works are the theme songs for TV series Starsky and Hutch and The Streets of San Francisco along with movies and his soprano sax solo and fills on the 1975 No. 1 hit single "Listen to What the Man Said" for Wings. In 1976 he played the theme I Still Can't Sleep in Taxi driver.

Discography As Leader

• The Honeysuckle Breeze (Impulse!, 1967
• Rural Still Life (Impulse!, 1969)
• Hair to Jazz, 1970
• Paint Your Wagon, 1971
• Great Scott, 1972
 • New York Connection, 1975
• Blow It Out, 1977
• Intimate Strangers,1978
• Street Beat, 1979
• Apple Juice (live), 1981
• Desire, 1982
• Target, 1983
• One Night – One Day, 1985
• Streamlines, 1987
• Flashpoint, 1988
• Them Changes (with The Pat Sajak Show house band), 1990
• Keep This Love Alive, 1991
• Born Again, 1992
• Reed My Lips, 1994
• Night Creatures, 1995
• Toy Story 2: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack, 1999
• New Found Freedom, 2002
• Bebop United (live), 2006
• Cannon Reloaded, 2008

With the L.A. Express

• Tom Scott and The L.A. Express (Ode, 1973)
• Tom Cat (Ode, 1974)
• Bluestreak (GRP, 1997)
• Smokin' Section (Windham Hill Jazz, 1999)

With The Blues Brothers

• Briefcase Full of Blues, 1978
• Made in America, 1980
• Best of the Blues Brothers, 1981
• Dancin' Wid Da Blues Brothers, 1983
• Everybody Needs the Blues Brothers, 1988
• The Definitive Collection, 1992
• The Very Best of The Blues Brothers, 1995
• The Blues Brothers Complete, 2000
• The Essentials, 2003

As Sideman

With Don Ellis
• Don Ellis Orchestra 'Live' at Monterey! (Pacific Jazz, 1966)
• Live in 3⅔/4 Time (Pacific Jazz, 1967)
• Pieces of Eight: Live at UCLA (Wounded Bird, rec'd 1967,

With Richard "Groove" Holmes
• Welcome Home (World Pacific Jazz, 1968)
• Six Million Dollar Man (Flying Dutchman, 1975)

With Alphonse Mouzon
• The Man Incognito (1975)

With Oliver Nelson
• Live from Los Angeles (Impulse!, 1967)
• Soulful Brass with Steve Allen (Impulse!, 1968)

With Bill Plummer
• Cosmic Brotherhood (1968)

With Howard Roberts
• The Magic Band - Live at Dontes (1968, released 1998)
• The Magic Band - Vol 2 (1968, released 1998)

With Lalo Schifrin
• Che! (soundtrack) (Tetragrammaton, 1969)
• Rock Requiem (Verve, 1971)

With Gábor Szabó
• Light My Fire with Bob Thiele (Impulse!, 1967)
• Macho (Salvation, 1975)

With Bob Thiele Emergency
• Head Start (Flying Dutchman Records, 1969)

With Carole King
• Jazzman (Jazzman Records, 1974)



VIRT1002L | Virtuoso Alto Saxophone, Lacquer

VIRT2006DL | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Dark Lacquer

SS524 | Professional Soprano Saxophone

SOPR500 | Professional Sopranino Saxophone

VOL805 | Volare Flute, Silver Headjoint

P1200 | Professional Piccolo, Grenadilla

BEAU421 | LaBeau Clarinet, Grenadilla

BC314 | Professional Bass Clarinet, Hard Rubber