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Thiago Wojtowicz

“The RS Berkeley soprano is an incredible instrument! It has an even sound throughout the registers and the intonation is just impeccable. The ergonomics are very comfortable and offer a fast action. I’m loving my horn and recommend it to any professional or student level musician”



Thiago Wojtowicz is a sax, clarinet and flute player from Brasília, Brazil. He began his studies on classical clarinet at the Escola de Música de Brasília and has a degree in music education from the University of Brasilia. During his undergrad he was awarded first of three places in an exchange program to the jazz studies in University of Louisville (U of L), where he was offered and accepted a full scholarship and assistantship to peruse his masters in Jazz Performance which he completed in 2015.

Thiago was the lead tenor at the U of L Jazz ensemble number one directed by Grammy nominee composer/arranger John La Barbera. With that group thiago played along side with illustrious jazz artists such as Christian McBride, Sean Jones, Rufus Reed, Pat La Barbera and others.

In 2014 Thiago had the honor to be one of the 15 musicians invited to participate in the Ravinia festival, directed by Rufus Reed, David Baker, Curtis Fuller and Nathan Davis.

Aside from performing his original compositions with his solo project, Thiago plays a variety of music styles working and recording with artists such as Renato Vasconcellos, Oswaldo Amorim, Kris Maciel, Teresa Lopez, Wilson Bebéu, Zé Krishna, A Engrenagem, Débora Valente, Adriana Samartini, Alyssa Muniz, Apalatin, Michael Hyman, Chris Fitzgerald, Serge Frasunkiewicz, Johninha Medeiros and many others.  

Thiago works as a freelance musician playing with various artists both in Brazil and the United States and is currently employed as a performer by a luxury cruise line traveling around the globe.



SS524 | Soprano Saxophone, Lacquer


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