“The CR611 Cornet is beautiful visually and in sound. The sound is dark, mellow and smooth, with a slight ‘ring’ of the overtones when you play it. It’s a horn I feel comfortable playing in a small club as well as in a concert hall.”

“The RS Berkeley flugelhorn has a smooth, warm, even sound from top to bottom. The valve action is light and responsive. I look forward to playing it more in my performances.”

Eddie Allen Recording Artist

"The Virtuoso is one of the finest horns I have ever had the pleasure of playing. It is free blowing from top to bottom, feels amazing under my fingers and plays pitch perfect…so I can focus on expressing myself instead of second guessing what my horn might do. From the studio to live television, small clubs to large arenas, in every situation, the Virtuoso sounds amazing.”

Randy Allison Recording Artist, Joel Osteen Minsitries

"I have always played vintage saxophones and the Virtuoso saxophone can be defined as modern day vintage. The intonation is nothing short of impressive and the horn is mechanically sound. I love my Virtuoso tenor saxophone!!!"

Moises Alves Recording Artist

“The Virtuoso saxophone is a wonder!  Its low end is effortless; the altissimo register is seemless. Even the ergonomics are a cut above the rest, requiring no need for my usual palm key risers. The Virtuoso handles really well, producing a remarkably warm tone and impeccably even intonation. This is a serious professional grade saxophone!”

Javier Arau Recording Artist; Program Director, New York Jazz Academy

"The Volaré Flute VOL905 plays great! Great intonation, low register projects, key work is clean and tight... Really great!!"

Greg Banaszak Recording Artist

“RS Berkeley instruments are the finest instruments I’ve performed with during my 45 years as woodwind artist! The instruments all perform with great intonation, an impeccable scale and a very even feel from lows to altissimo. The instruments are designed and built with excellent craftsmanship!”

Don Bell Recording Artist

“My RS Berkeley Virtuoso is really cutting through and performing so well on the road... It's been rolling around the country on our bus and I really couldn't be happier with its performance. My sound can really speak with this horn!”

Jon Berman Recording Artist

“I’m very happy playing the instrument in both classical and in jazz settings. The instrument has a wide variety of colors and its intonation is quite flexible. The Virtuoso alto’s price places a professional level instrument in the “obtainable” range for many of my students, too. One of the advantages of playing the Virtuoso is that the modern updates to the design contribute to ease of playing without sacrificing the warmth and projection of the instrument. The instrument is well-constructed and I highly recommend it.”

Ed Bingham Recording Artist; Faculty, Marshall University

"What I love about the TP608 is the wide range of sounds I’m able to play with the horn. This allows me to express my creativity and diversity as a player. I've had the pleasure of playing this horn these past few years in numerous settings, covering multiple styles, including many forms of Jazz, Big Band, Latin, R&B and Rock for both live performances and studio recording projects. This horn has the versatility to play the softest of ballads as well as plenty of power and projection to be heard above a section and as a soloist.”

Richard Boulger Recording Artist

“The RS Berkeley alto flute is an absolute wonder. I love the sound and above all the responsiveness when I play. Everywhere I play it I get compliments on the sound! I would strongly recommend to any professional flutist or doubler.”

Andrea Brachfeld Recording Artist

“RS Berkeley Volaré flutes sound, look and feel great. I play model VOL905 which has a clear and strong tone, and it responds beautifully, even in the low register. The VOL805 responds just as well, but has darker overall sound, which some people might prefer. As a doubler, I find it complements my other instruments very well, so I love playing it!''

"For over seven years of countless gigs and recordings all over the world, I have played my R.S. Berkeley Virtuoso tenor saxophone with professional confidence and joy. It still plays and sounds great -- better than ever -- and I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the (gold-plated) finish has maintained its beauty. The instrument is very solid, and I can get my own sound, which in itself is a big, and well-deserved, compliment. I highly recommend these instruments."

Don Braden Recording Artist

“The Virtuoso is by far the best horn I've ever played! My vintage horn now rests comfortably in the case in the closet."

Rick Brunermer Recording Artist

“RS Berkeley is a musical instrument company with a heart for the community it serves. They have quickly developed a great reputation amongst musicians and schools in the New York and New Jersey area. I play the unlacquered Virtuoso tenor saxophone and I find it very responsive with a lively kick. Just what I was looking for!"

Lance Bryant Recording Artist

“I have owned my RS Berkeley Virtuoso alto saxophone for over 7 years, and it remains the most consistent horn that I have played. Intonation on this world-class instrument is spectacular, the tone is even across the entire range of the instrument, and it’s a breeze to play in any setting, whether as a soloist with an orchestra, as a member of a saxophone quartet, or playing lead alto in a big band. I am also the proud owner of an RS Berkeley sopranino saxophone, which I’ve performed within saxophone choir and jazz combo settings – what a joy to play! I have tried many saxophones over the years, but I will be sticking with RS Berkeley as I continue my career.”

Joren Cain Recording Artist

"When I'm looking at a violin, I like an instrument with a very dark and warm sound, almost like a viola. That's one of the characteristics you'll find in the Regina Carter Violin Collection and one that I really like. These violins project really well, so in a band setting, I'll use a microphone that's overhead, giving the sound a chance to travel from the instrument to the microphone. With these instruments, I can play as soft as I want or as loud as I want. I don't have to worry about digging in or worry about the band playing too loud. If I'm playing with an orchestra, I know these violins will carry and project into the audience with ease."

Regina Carter Recording Artist

''My RS Berkeley Virtuoso saxophone produces a rich, singing tone that has clarity, power and depth. It's full bodied sound has an authority that cuts in a saxophone section while having the ability to express the most intimate ballad with ease. Crafted with vintage horns in mind, the Virtuoso combines great qualities of past horns with the comfort and dependability of modern horns. Power, beauty and excellent craftsmanship- what more could you want in a horn?''

Sharel Cassity Recording Artist

“The Virtuoso tenor is fantastic. The tone is beautiful, the intonation is perfect and the whole horn is exceptionally well designed and constructed. And best of all, the instrument allows me to say exactly what I want to say night after night without getting in my way, which is what I have always looked for in a saxophone.”

“The Volaré flute has a beautiful and even tone, and it responds amazingly across all the registers with minimal effort. I’m glad to add it to my family of instruments!”

Alex Churchill Recording Artist

“My LaBeau Clarinet is fantastic. I played a show on it and did a Klezmer gig the next day. It held its own in two completely different playing situations. I perform regularly with a tango group, playing with a classical guitarist and violinist and I had no problem blending with such a soft group. I didn’t feel like I was working hard to match pitch or dynamics. It’s easy blowing and has a big sound that pops. The scale is great and I love the action. It really feels effortless. My LaBeau has done everything I’ve asked of it and it is quickly becoming my everyday instrument.”

Mike Cohen Recording Artist

"Wow, this Berkeley sopranino feels like a ‘real’ saxophone. I love it!"

Paquito D'Rivera Recording Artist

"As a multi-instrumentalist, I'm often called upon to play a variety of different styles in venues ranging from clubs and recording studios to outdoor festivals. Fortunately, my RS Berkeley instruments provide me with peace of mind in knowing that I have the right tool for the job. My Virtuoso Tenor blends just as well with a driving five-piece horn section as it does with a straight-ahead acoustic jazz quintet. My Berkeley Flugelhorn impresses with warmth and clarity of response. Whatever the musical situation, let an RS Berkeley instrument take you to the next level!''

"My RS Berkeley 608 has delivered consistent, excellent results for jazz solo work, section playing and in the recording studio. The sound is right where I like it- not too dark, not too bright, clear, focused and warm. They are a fantastic value, and I highly recommend it!”

"I love recording with the FLU669 flugelhorn. The design shows influences from the great vintage flugels currently out of production, but with less weight and improved response. All trumpet players need a flugel in their instrument roster. This horn is a contender for any trumpeter's double gig bag.”

"I play the BAR905 Artist Euphonium because it's responsive, resonant, the valves are smooth and the pitch centers well throughout the entire range. These are my top priorities in an instrument: sound, pitch and keywork. The BAR905 nails each of them."

Michael Dease Recording Artist; Faculty, Michigan State University

"I have been playing the Volaré Flute VOL905 and I am impressed with it. The intonation is consistent, it has a nice evenness of sound throughout the registers and the mechanism has a great overall feel to it."

Katherine DeJongh Recording Artist; Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music

''The RS Berkeley Virtuoso alto is the best horn I've played. The projection is GREAT and the placement of the keys is so natural that I can fly through the most difficult passages. With most of the music I play, I need edge AND projection. The Virtuoso gives me both. The horn is a MASTERPIECE!!''

Darryl Dixon Recording Artist

''The RS Berkeley Bass Flute is a really great instrument The mechanics have a smooth, solid feel allowing it to respond like the smaller C flute. The scale is right in there and the tone is superb!''

''The Sopranino is made with excellent craftsmanship and integrity. This instrument will be included in my musical voice.''

Billy Drewes Recording Artist; Faculty, New York University

''The RS Berkeley Sopranino Sax is an extraordinary masterpiece! I picked it up upon arrival, played for five seconds & JUST GOT BLOWN AWAY!!! I have played it live already around the world & everybody is amazed at it... the quality of the craftsmanship, the blatant care to detail is overwhelming... like I said, a-more than-extraordinary piece of work... Bravo RS Berkeley, TRULY AN AMAZING MIGHTY LITTLE HORN!!!''

“The VOL905 is a blessing! This flute has quick response, great warm-yet-flexible tone in all registers. It responds beautifully to anything you put into it, including extreme dynamics! It is my #1 metal-flute of choice now… Bravo!!! Indeed, a remarkable instrument!”

Pedro Eustache Recording Artist

“Excellent instruments! Amazing people! Fantastic support! A dream come true for every musician!''

Christian Fabian Recording Artist

“I have always preferred vintage horns to modern ones but I feel that the RS Berkeley Virtuoso saxophones give me a best-of-both-worlds solution. The Virtuoso has the feel and sound of a classic French-made saxophone, but with a dependable scale and more comfortable key placement.”

Andy Farber Recording Artist; Faculty, The Juilliard School

"The RS Berkeley convertible trombone gives me incredibly versatility. It functions as a very open orchestral horn with the trigger off and produces very clear and brilliant pedal notes with the trigger on. I've used it in both live and recording situations with great success."

Alan Ferber Recording Artist; Faculty, NYU Steinhardt

“While on tour in California I made the mistake of leaving my horn in the back seat of the car after a gig. The next day I woke up to my window smashed and my saxophone gone. I know this will sound funny but it's the best thing that could have ever happened. I replaced it with an RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Sax and it is an amazing horn! It has great intonation and is effortless to play from top to bottom. It cuts thru in loud situations but still has a depth in sound most modern horns lack. This horn runs circles around my old horn! Thanks RS Berkeley!”

 Chris Fitzgerald Recording Artist 

''I play the Virtuoso Alto Saxophone on Saturday Night Live and this horn is great...great...great! It's AMAZING...!!!''

Alex Foster Recording Artist, Saturday Night Live Band

I was impressed by the sound of the RS Berkeley Baritone Saxophone, especially the rich overtone and thick warm tone, when I played for the first time. It is my great partner to produce a stable sound and play.

Akiko Furuyama Recording Artist

“RS Berkeley baritone saxophones really offer a wide range of sound possibilities for a wide array of players. The model I like the best for my needs is the BS509. It allows me to have the confidence to be able to bring it to any kind of studio session, or live performance, from jazz to R&B to rock, and be able to project the right sounds with ease of air and fingers. The key action of a saxophone is always important to me, and when I felt this horn, it fit right into my hands, with all the palm keys, side keys, and pinky key at the perfect distance. I am very happy to be a part of the RS Berkeley family and urge you to try out their line of baritone saxophones.''

Matt Garrison Recording Artist

''Virtuoso saxophones play smooth and even, and the sound is one that stands up to all of the best. I really enjoy my RS Berkeley saxophone!''

George Garzone Recording Artist; Faculty, Berklee College Of Music

"I find that the Virtuoso is such a great and easy saxophone to play. It is helping me to improve and further my career as the saxophone player I always wanted to be."

Leo Genovese Recording Artist

“Virtuoso Saxophones fill a void that has been in existence for some time, an affordable instrument of quality. RS Berkeley has invested much time and effort to create an instrument that can perform beautiful music in the hands of talented performers. It is durably built to stand against the test of time with a contoured key mechanism that is easily accessible.”

Victor Goines Recording Artist, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra; Faculty, Northwestern University

“I am VERY impressed with my 522 soprano sax! The ease of play and its ability to stay in tune all the way through the horn is incredible. The key movement is so effortless. I am very much looking forward to playing this on gigs to come!”

Glen Gray Recording Artist

"I’ve been playing Alto Sax for many years and it has taken me quite some time to find the perfect horn. But when I got my Virtuoso from RS Berkeley I knew I found the sound I heard in my head but could never fully get from all my previous horns. The craftsmanship of the horn is high quality. I never have a problem with intonation and tuning. I really dig the tone and consistency of these horns. I’ve travelled the world with my horn and it had stood the test of time and weather! I have the Matte finish and it’s the perfect aesthetic of vintage and modern, the style that I’ve always wanted to have in a Sax. My only concern is that I’ll probably have to keep spending money on getting more horns from them lol."

Eric Hall Recording Artist

"My RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone (Black Nickel) is a great professional instrument. I have played Selmer Mark VI and Mark VII, King Super 20 and Zephyr, Conn 10M and Transitional, Yamaha, Buescher and The Martin. All of these great instruments have their own character and great qualities but I find my Virtuoso can do it all. You can whisper or blast away with confidence.The sound is always full and rich. The keywork is very player friendly. All this for a very reasonable price!"

Tom Hamilton Recording Artist

“My RS Berkeley Virtuoso gives me exceptional tonal quality and intonation, outstanding control, response and flexibility. A joy every time I play.”

Patience Higgins Recording Artist

“Since I received my Virtuoso matte tenor it has become my daily player. I use it for practice, gigs, recording and teaching. I now have two great vintage tenors sitting in my closet collecting dust! This saxophone, quite simply, does everything I want an instrument to do. It has a deep, full-bodied, complex sound, great response and ergonomics, spot-on intonation and it's gorgeous! THIS IS A GREAT SAXOPHONE!!!”

Jeff Homan Recording Artist; Faculty, Reed College

''The RS Berkeley TP608 is the best trumpet I have ever played and I have played many top name horns throughout my career. These horns offer affordability and provide superior quality and performance.''

Ed Hull Recording Artist

''The Virtuoso was a pleasant surprise for me. The sound is big and full, the scale is great, and the craftsmanship is excellent. One important quality of this instrument is that it blends well in a saxophone section. For a working musician, all of these qualities are a necessity. This is a horn that will work in any situation, and at a price point that is realistically within a musician's budget. Like I said, a pleasant surprise!''

The Freedom Adjustable Clarinet Barrel is the best adjustable barrel I have ever played. It gives me the opportunity to play in tune in any situation. The tone is beautiful and its durable construction seems like it will last a lifetime.”

Sherman Irby Recording Artist,  Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra

"The SS522 soprano is an amazing instrument. The intonation, altissimo and feel of the horn is equal (and in many cases superior) to the straight sopranos I've "test driven" in recent years. I'd heard great things about the RS Berkeley Virtuoso altos & tenors and their soprano is equally impressive."

Brent Jensen Recording Artist; Faculty, College of South Idaho

"The Virtuoso has a complex unique sound that is reminiscent of the vintage horns. The intonation and evenness throughout the entire horn is impeccable! There is a voice in this horn and I'll never put it down!"

Dan Kaneyuki Recording Artist, Engelbert Humperdinck

“The RS Berkeley Virtuoso is quite simply, an incredible horn. Not only is it the best modern horn I’ve ever played, it is THE best horn I’ve ever played. I challenge anyone to play a Virtuoso next to any iconic vintage saxophone and not come away feeling that the guys at RS Berkeley have moved the game on to a whole new level. This is an exciting time for saxophone players!”

Simon Kaylor Recording Artist; Faculty, Leeds College, UK

“I've had the pleasure of being an endorser for RS Berkeley woodwinds since 2009. My prized RS Berkeley piccolo is a truly great player, since having used it to play many very tricky and demanding piccolo parts, including that from the show George M! This piccolo has come through for me every time with excellent response, precise mechanisms and a beautiful sweet and rich sound. Many thanks, and keep up the great work.”

Daniel Klimoski Recording Artist

"My RS Berkeley saxophones are indeed excellent instruments that provide the perfect tools of music expression for me. They are of great quality and offer a great variety of sound potential, there is really something to work with, to explore. The quality of sound, the action and the easiness of the horns provide me with a first class saxophone that I really enjoy playing. I can only strongly recommend the RS Berkeley saxophones for both beginners and professionals… the horn does it all!”

Benjamin Koppel Recording Artist

"The RS Berkley Sopranino Saxophone delivers everything one needs when playing such an instrument - predictable intonation and an even tone through the registers. Dealing with such a small instrument, the RS Berkeley design includes an effectively ergonomic design."

Jason Kush Recording Artist; Faculty, Slippery Rock University

"The RS Berkeley is the perfect instrument for the modern trombone player. It combines the round sound of a big horn with a great flexibility ideal for jazz, pop and commercial music."

Juanga Lakunza Recording Artist; Faculty, New Jersey City University

“I am currently playing on the Virtuoso silver plated alto saxophone and it’s a wonderful instrument. It has great character of the sound…It’s really well constructed with quality and precision put into all the details. It’s a beautiful instrument. I look forward to many more years making great music on this horn.”

Patrick Langham Recording Artist; Faculty, University of the Pacific

"The RS Berkeley soprano is effortlessly in tune, with an even tone throughout the horn. The action is quick, lays comfortably in the hand and is very quiet in recording settings."

Laura Andrea Leguia Recording Artist

''My RS Berkeley Sopranino is made beautifully and speaks like no other horn I've ever played... I'm inspired and excited about adding this new Voice to my personal musical journey!!!''

Joe Lovano Recording Artist; Faculty, New York University

“The core sound of my Virtuoso tenor is robust, centered and full of tonal colors that keep drawing me deeper into this amazing instrument. Bravo times ten RS Berkeley for this great horn!"

"The RS Berkeley baritone sax completely knocks me out. It plays great with a fat sound. To go from tenor to this instrument feels so natural. The keys are in the right place and it’s easy on my fingers. I was so surprised at how well it plays. Every note is in tune and it has a certain ease and depth of sound.”

“The LaBeau BEAU408 surpasses all my expectations. I could play this instrument on any professional gig I do. The composite body simulates a wood finish without compromising the sound. This instrument is a perfect choice for a student, marching band musician or a professional needing an instrument that will overcome any temperature issues and worry of cracking. It has all the improvements of the Pro line wood model and delivers a sound that can't be matched.”

“I am continually impressed with the RS Berkeley line of instruments. Their line of LaBeau clarinets is more than impressive. The Pro model has improvements that surpass the competition. For example, the low E and register 3rd line B hold rock solid pitch even when picking it up cold. Such an advantage to a doubler and Broadway show type player. The warmth of tone is apparent within the first few notes you play. You will not want to put this instrument down as it draws you in. Upon close inspection one can see that the keywork, tone holes and total construction has been well thought out. You will raise your eyebrow when you try this instrument because the quality of this instrument and affordable price cannot be ignored.”

“The RS Berkeley Simmonet oboe is a first class instrument that will surprise any player. The response, pitch, timbre and feel of this instrument competes with any instrument out there.”

Bob Magnuson Recording Artist

"I visited the RS Berkeley main office last spring to test some trumpets for my students. After playing through a few different models I was asked to try the prototype of the new TP612. My first comment was "wow" and my only question was "can I buy this one too?" I am thrilled with the silver plated model I chose. This horn really sings, has quick response, good intonation, and can cut through when I need it to. I can also get a full, broad sound across the whole range and, speaking of range, the upper register is fantastic on these horns. I've used it in big band, commercial and combo gigs and it sounds great.”

Sean McAnally Recording Artist

''I had heard about the Berkeley saxophone from one of my students who recently purchased one. I was totally impressed as to how natural, comfortable and at home the instruments felt in my hand as well as the brilliance, resonance and warmth of their sound. Actually I felt as though it my saxophone that I've been playing for years."

Renè McLean Recording Artist; Faculty, Hartt School of Music

''There are many characteristics I look for when it comes to selecting a Saxophone, but there is one that characteristic that immediately comes to mind, sound! And for me, the Virtuoso by RS Berkeley has it! I have fallen in love with the colors, depth, and fluidity through the entire range of the instrument. The Virtuoso is an instrument of the highest quality and I strongly recommend it to any serious musician!''

Yunie Mojica Recording Artist

“You know when you are warming up and the musician next to you looks at you and says “sounds good man”, that something right is happening. That’s exactly what happened the other day at a Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra rehearsal. Sherman Irby (who sounds great on all his RS Berkeley horns) made that observation after I played a few notes on the Volaré flute. This is a great instrument. The sound is colorful, balanced and just bright enough to speak above the other horns in the section, but warm enough to solo with. It is easy to play from top to bottom.”

Ted Nash Recording Artist, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

“The Virtuoso is really a great instrument with a very rich and warm tone, and at the same time very distinct.”

Marius Neset Recording Artist

“I am very impressed with this RS Berkeley Virtuoso tenor saxophone. As a technician, I see so many horns that are of poor quality, and feel cheap, that I suspected when I saw the name this horn would be no different. Boy was I wrong. I noticed that the horn had a nice heavy feel to it. The quality of the build seems better than many horns made by more recognizable brands. The single arms on the lower keys tell me the materials are strong enough to handle the stresses and not require the helper arms. I have been impressed with the ability the horn has to hold its adjustments as well or better than the “big” brands. I am simply blown away at the tone of this tenor. It has that “sizzle” I’ve been looking for. I can push it hard in a horn section or soloing over a loud funk band, than I can find the sweet spot just as easily in a jazz trio setting. It’s got a nice, rich low register and precise scale and altissimo. RS Berkeley has knocked it out of the park with this model. Right now, this horn is everything I’ve ever wanted in a sax, and the finish and engraving are just gorgeous.”

Steven Phillips Recording Artist

"This RS Berkeley alto flute is amazing. It has a beautifully rich and even tone in all registers and the intonation is impeccable!"

Dave Pietro Recording Artist; Faculty, New York University

“I use my RS Berkeley Virtuoso tenor when I’m teaching students at the Eastman School. It’s a great horn that has an even sound through the registers. The low notes aren’t stuffy and the altissimo is easy. Great for demonstrating to students. The key work is reminiscent of older horns and it feels great in the hands. I recommend this tenor to everyone!”

Charles Pillow Recording Artist; Faculty, Eastman School of Music

“I have had the pleasure of performing with my Virtuoso alto for three years. I have used it in a wide variety of settings, from lead alto in big bands to classical soloist in concerto performances. It has proven to be a spectacular instrument. The sound is incredibly flexible, the pitch is terrific, and the mechanics are superb. In terms of durability, the instrument has been played heavily for three years and it looks and feels brand new. The keys have remained solid and very quiet. I can't believe that I am saying this, but the Virtuoso is superior to my precious vintage horn. The sound is warmer and the keywork is more comfortable in my hands. My valuable vintage horn is now my backup instrument, as I prefer my Virtuoso in every way, for every musical setting. Congratulations to RS Berkeley for creating a truly special instrument.”

David Pope Recording Artist; Faculty, James Madison University


''This sopranino is a truly happening little horn! Plays in tune, nice clear sound, a world-class instrument.''

“I was very pleased the first time I played this mouthpiece and was amazed to find it's even a little better than the vintage piece it was based on for the sound I'm trying to get. It has a good, clear response in all registers and most importantly, it offers me the flexibility of tone color that thus far I had only been able to find in older mouthpieces. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.”

Chris Potter Recording Artist; Faculty, New York University


''The Virtuoso saxophone is what saxophone players have been waiting for all their lives!''

Marcio Resende Recording Artist

“On my quest to get the desired sound, stability and projection demands on both live music and recording sessions, I’ve tried many trombone brands until finding my home on the RS Berkeley convertible trombone.”

"Tuning, intonation and sound balance are the three most important facts that I need to play and I found those with the UTR89, which is a wonderful instrument"

Percy Recavarren Recording Artist


''The Virtuoso is a fantastic instrument. I have been waiting 35 years to be able to say that about a new saxophone. I take it on tour and use it to record in the studio. The overtone series is perfect and the sound is beautiful.''

Tim Ries Recording Artist, The Rolling Stones

“I love my Virtuoso saxophone. The action is so clear and precise. The intonation is perfect. I look forward to playing this in the years to come.”

When I play saxophone I look for certain qualities that can be produced with a horn, a great tone, great intonation and of course a wide range of dynamics for sound projections, from a whisper to a commanding presence on the band stand. The Soprano Sax SS522 gives me all of this and more. Let me not forget to mention that the action on the keys is amazing. This horn allows me to go in the direction that I need to go...the right direction!''

Albert Rivera Recording Artist

The RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone is the most versatile horn that I have ever played. With the assistance of my setup, I am able to achieve the sound I look for in vintage American manufactured instruments, but without the usual sacrifice in projection and technical facility. I would recommend this line of saxophones in a heartbeat if you’re looking for an instrument that lets you choose the sound you want from it, as opposed to a horn that dictates your sound from the start.

Adam Rongo Recording Artist

“The RS Berkeley Trumpet Model TP610S plays beautifully with an open and flexible sound. This versatility allows me to play in many styles with ease from ballads to fiery uptempo tunes. I feel that can grow with this horn and it will help further my sound to great heights.”

Nick Roseboro Recording Artist

''I've played a lot of saxophones over the course of my career and this by far is the best one I have played!''

Benny Russell Recording Artist; Faculty, Harford Community College

“As a saxophonist I always look for a saxophone that not only sounds good, but has features that makes the experience an enjoyable one. I was looking for a curved soprano sax because the contour makes it easier to play on stage. I gave the SOCUR445 a try and was blown away with all this little horn was capable of producing. This sturdy saxophone is well built, extremely well in tune and ready to take on any challenge. You can easily go from low Bb to high F# and overtones without any resistance from the horn. The sax keys are positioned in such a way that even a big-handed person like me will find it very comfortable to play. I have taken this instrument from the stage to the recording studio and performance after performance this instrument has proven to be the best soprano sax I’ve ever had!”

“When I pulled the BS509 baritone sax out of the case I noticed it is lighter than other brands I've tried. I was blown away with the projection and ease of play. What I like the most is the positioning of the keys, which fall right into your fingers and palms without any awkward movements to reach any of the keys. I took it from the box to a recording session and it played flawlessly. The intonation is great and the sound is phenomenal.”

Albert Sanchez Recording Artist

''When I was introduced to Virtuoso saxophones, I was so impressed with it from the first moment. Both the alto and the tenor are rich with outstanding qualities that far surpass the most renowned and traditional brands, vintage or modern. The first thing you notice is the playability! The sound projection and consistency of tone throughout the whole range of the horns are truly unbelievable! The precision and balance of the mechanics are second to none. The craftsmanship is pristine and the intonation is perfect! The ''altissimo'' range (and beyond - which I love to venture into) is so well defined. As I played the Virtuoso more and more, I felt that rare physical connection with the instrument, in the way that it vibrates in conjunction with your body structure . . . you feel it in your mouth, air column and chest. It is an interaction that consolidates the unity player-instrument. I honestly do not see myself playing any other instrument in the future!''

Franco Sattamini Recording Artist

“The RS Berkeley FLU668 is easier to play than other flugels I’ve played and it is better in tune. My work ranges from jazz to commercial playing/recording and a smattering of classical. This horn excels in all styles!”

“I play the RS Berkeley TP608 trumpet exclusively and love it. It is easy to play and has rich sound qualities that I love. Intonation is excellent and it has added a couple of notes to my range!”

Rick Savage Recording Artist

“RS Berkeley horns are truly the finest and most consistent modern instruments I’ve ever played. The high quality o craftsmanship is due to their commitment to create highly expressive professional instruments at reasonable prices, making them affordable for both students and professionals. Several of my faculty at NYU Jazz Studies perform on RS Berkeley horns and are happy to lend their support. I’m currently playing the Virtuoso tenor, sopranino, C and bass flutes and love them all”

David Schroeder Recording Artist; Faculty, New York University

''When I tried the RS Berkeley Flugelhorn, I was very surprised! It has a very nice and warm sound. The action of the valves are great and it is very easy to play.''

Charlie Sepúlveda Recording Artist

''These horns are great. The workmanship standard is very high and they play consistently throughout the registers. I recommend them to students and professionals alike.''

Tim Sessions Recording Artist; Faculty, Lehigh University

“My RS Berkeley bari sax plays like a much more expensive horn. The horn responds well in all ranges, plays well in tune and has a very comfortable and ergonomic key layout.”

“My Virtuoso tenor has been a great horn for me. It has the feel and sound I normally like from a vintage horn. The intonation and tone is consistent throughout the range of the horn. I enjoy playing the RS Berkeley Virtuoso and it has been a great find for many of students.”

Dan Shaut Recording Artist; Faculty, College of Saint Rose

"The Virtuoso Sax has the efficiency qualities which can present the player w/ unlimited choices of musical expression."

Wayne Shorter Recording Artist

"My RS Berkeley Virtuoso tenor, Volaré flute and alto flute are my go to instruments! Beautiful centered tones; flawless intonation; fast, well designed key setups. They are without a doubt among the best instruments I have played!"

Whit Sidener Recording Artist; Professor Emeritis, University of Miami Frost School of Music

"The Bari sax model BS509 sounds beautiful! Warm tone, great definition, but not too biting. The dance between electric bass and bari depends on a sound that blends well with the bass, but beams through the other saxes and I'm very satisfied with the sound coming from the horn every night."

Esperanza Spalding Recording Artist; Faculty, Berklee College of Music

“The RS Berkeley SOCUR445 curved soprano saxophone is the most comfortable soprano I've ever played. The key layout and action make it very easy for someone who switches between alto and soprano while performing as often as I do. It also has a beautiful and consistent tone up and down the instrument.”

Zach Spruill Recording Artist

"I've played the RS Berkeley Virtuoso Series Alto Saxophone for nearly ten years now. I can confidently say that it continues to provide me with an extraordinary sound and versatility for the broad range of musical styles that I practice and perform, from classical to jazz to popular music. I would recommend an RS Berkeley saxophone to any professional or student musician seeking a high quality instrument, and am proud to be an artist!"

Travis Sullivan Recording Artist

"The RS Berkeley alto flute purrs in the low register and soars in the high register, maintaining steady intonation throughout. The ergonomic design in the left hand makes it easy to play for long periods of time, and the sound is so great, it even cuts in a big band!"

''Every saxophone in the Virtuoso series is thoughtfully constructed with the highest level of craftsmanship. While each individual instrument maintains its own unique characteristics, they all have a consistently beautiful sound.''

Erica von Kleist Recording Artist

"I must say I'm very impressed with the RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor. Intonation is great from top to bottom and it's got that big, full sound that I look for!"

Jerry Weldon Recording Artist, Harry Connick Jr.

''Virtuoso saxophones have a beautiful focus with a complex sound! Finally, a new horn with soul!''

Peter Whitman Recording Artist; Faculty, McNally Smith College

"RS Berkeley instruments are extremely versatile, catering for the demands of professionals and students in a wide range of styles, from symphonic, commercial, jazz, brass bands and wind ensembles. As a jazz trumpeter, I love the balance between core of sound and flexibility that the RS Berkeley horns offer, allowing me to express my creativity without limitations! Thanks RS Berkeley – great quality instruments and customer service!"

Paul Williamson Recording Artist; Faculty, Monash University, AUS

''The Virtuoso is a dream to play. With an even sound and amazing intonation in all ranges, I look forward to picking it up and playing it every time. I'm loving the ergonomic key layout of the Virtuoso and most importantly, I am able to produce my sound. This is a beautiful saxophone!''

“RS Berkeley has found a way to produce instruments with superior craftsmanship and consistency while maintaining unique character and tone. We know that we can rely on RS Berkeley to provide durable instruments that stand up to the rigors of school age students without sacrificing professional quality. The tuning of these instruments rises above all the competition. We couldn’t recommend a company more to our students and yours than RS Berkeley.”

Brice Winston Recording Artist; Faculty, Tucson Jazz Institute

"The RS Berkeley Artist Series piccolo has a beautiful tone and excellent intonation. It's a great addition to any flute players collection. You know it's something when the clarinet section informed me: "That's the best sounding piccolo we've ever heard."

"I perform on the Volaré professional model and am extremely pleased with the tonal quality and intonation. It performs exquisitely in the full range of the flute. As I perform with a full rock band behind me, it can often be a challenge to be heard even with the best mics. The first time I played with the Volaré, the response from the band was ‘you are finally cutting through’. It brings a new capability that I didn’t have with my previous instruments. RS Berkeley has provided me excellent artist support and a great choice of flutes to endorse."

Deborah Yates Recording Artist

''I play the RS Berkeley Trumpet TP608, which is equivalent to a medium bore size trumpet. I find that it plays very easily and the valves are slotted to perfection. It is hands down one of the best instruments I have ever played.''

James Zollar Recording Artist, The Duke Ellington Orchestra

"I have played vintage instruments my whole career until coming across RS Berkeley instruments. Since then and over the last 5 years I have recorded 15 jazz albums of 65 total, which includes some of the most challenging music of my career using RS Berkeley instruments and Legend Series mouthpieces exclusively. These instruments exceeded my expectations as far as intonation, action and most important sound gauged against my vintage instruments. Very well done to RS Berkeley for putting out such a quality product."

“The RS Berkeley TP612S is a great horn. It is lightweight, has great valves and plays very in tune. It also has a center to the sound with lots of projection. Highly recommended!”

“The Dexter Gordon Legends Tenor Sax mouthpiece truly has personality. It plays even from the top to the bottom and is the most in tune tenor mouthpiece I have ever played. It has a warm “core” to the sound and speaks. I have always played a rubber mouthpiece on tenor but this mouthpiece is everything I imagined in a metal mouthpiece and more. Something I always wanted to experience."

Glenn Zottola Recording Artist