Ricardo Ospina

“The LaBeau Clarinet is just amazing. It has a professional soul in a resonite body. Its flexibility, colour, tuning and sweetness is incomparable. I have used the instrument in live and recording situation, as well as different places with contrasting levels of humidity and altitude, and the response of the clarinet is always the same: a very controllable horn. I really enjoy playing this instrument every day!”



Ricardo started learning clarinet at the age of 10.

Ospina grew up in Colombia, playing clarinet in bands and in the Orchestra of Manizales, his hometown. There he obtained his Bachelor in Music in the University of Caldas.

While he was in College, he created several groups playing Colombian Traditional Music with some jazz and Rock influences. With some of them ensembles, he won several local and national prizes both as a composer and performer.

He has worked as arranger for symphonics orchestras and band, jazz combos, string orchestras, and non-traditional ensembles.

Loopero Project, one of his personal projects, was created in 2011 where the clarinet is the star and Colombian music, Jazz, and technology are combined.

In 2015 he went to the US to pursue his degree in Jazz Studies in New York University, after having won several scholarship as Fulbright, Colfuturo, Ministerio de la Cultura.

Currently, he works as a professor in Universidad de Atlántico, where he teaches Composition, Arranging, Improvisation, and Orchestration.



BEAU408 | LaBeau Clarinet, Resonite