Our quality assures that we play a part in turning today's student musician into a well rounded person interested in a path of life long learning and knowledge of self and culture.

Research has repeatedly shown that playing music supports healthy social development and the quality of a young person's life.


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I began working with RS Berkeley in the Spring of 2010 as co-founder of a group called Horns to Havana.  Having heard the immensely talented music students of Cuba while traveling with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and at the same time witnessing a serious shortage of working instruments, we began working to deliver a planeload of musical instruments to some excellent music schools in Havana.
Berkeley’s absolute dedication to musical education, their integrity as a company and their wide range of excellent instruments made our trip a roaring success.
Berkeley’s incredible generosity allowed us to not only deliver four full jazz orchestras but to set up a permanent repair workshop for the Havana music schools.  I’ve never met anyone in the music industry with the heart and soul and determination to do what they can to further musical education like this family run business.  
A lot of musicians work with Berkeley, such as JALC’s Sherman Irby, brilliant tenor/clarinet player Victor Goines (Horns to Havana’s Director of Education,) as well as the fine young sax player Erica Von Kleist all have spoken to me about the great respect and appreciation they have for this extra-ordinary manufacturer of superb musical instruments.  None of us at Horns to Havana will never forget them. Berkeley has an indelible presence in Cuba. - Diane Raines Ward