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Moises Alves

"I have always played vintage saxophones and the Virtuoso saxophone can be defined as modern day vintage. The intonation is nothing short of impressive and the horn is mechanically sound. I love my Virtuoso tenor saxophone!!!"




Best known on stage as Moises Jr., Moises Alves was born February 21, 1977. At age 11, his family influenced him to study music and Moises jr. enrolled in the same musical school in which Villa-Lobos attended. In addition to studying music theory and classical harmony, Moises jr. studied saxophone with Brazilian saxophonist, Jose Canuto and functional harmony with guitarist, Dino Rangel.

Moises jr. began his professional career with a Panamanian salsa band called Latin Essence. From that moment forward, Moises jr. played with many top musicians on Brazil's popular music scene, inluding: Elba Ramalho, Claudio Zoli, Aleh Ferreira, Roge, Carlos Faith, swing and sympathy, hildon, Bebeto, Chico Batera, Sandra Vermon, Imperial Orchestra, Orchestra Tupy and numerous others.

Moises jr. currently works in symphony city of Rio de Janeiro and maintains steady solo instrumental work.



VIRT2001M | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Matte Finish


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