Chris Potter Legends Series Tenor MPC LPOTTN105A.JPG

LPOTTN105 Chris Potter Legends Series Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Available Tip Openings: .105"

Material: Natural Bronze

Legends Series Mouthpieces are officially licensed reproductions modeled after the originals used by the worlds most iconic instrumental musicians. The creation of the Legends Series Woodwind line begins in a state of the art scanning laboratory, in which technicians capture highly precise scan data, capturing the unique characteristics of each original piece, thus matching the exact geometry of the original. Once the scan process is completed, the scan data is paired with highly specialized software to clean, align and create high quality CAD models. From an archival standpoint, the 3D scan models of the mouthpieces are exact representations of the original.

Master mouthpiece maker and designer, Jack Onque oversees every element of the production process, from design to hand finishing to ensure the highest possible quality and accuracy of each authentic reproduction. Our new revolutionary process allows the reed to seat better on the lay portion of the mouthpiece, providing an airtight bond that enables improve vibration on the rails and tip opening. The process also frees up the chamber, delivering uniformed resonance and maximum projection.

Legends Series mouthpieces are designed and crafted in the United States.