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Kent Smith was born in Minot, ND and raised in Willmar, MN.  His passion for music began at a young age when his father used to play the recordings of the legendary jazz pianist, Fats Waller. Mr. Smith felt the complex rhythms and the mosaic chord structure and knew it offered far more than what he was hearing on top 40 radio.  He studied piano and trumpet with a youthful enthusiasm knowing his future had been determined.  Mr. Smith started his college degree at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire studying under Dominick Spera.  He completed his studies at Indiana University where he had the incomparable guidance and teaching from legendary trumpet Prof. William Adam.

Making his home in the New York area, Mr. Smith soon became an in demand studio player as well as a performer on many live shows. He has written for and recorded with Bob Dylan, Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Sergio Mendes, Sheryl Crow, and many others.  He has been heard on hundreds of TV shows and commercials. He can currently be heard on themes for ABC Nightline, Monday Night Football, and The View.

Perhaps Mr Smith's most notable association has been his tenure with the Rolling Stones.  Since 1994 he has toured the world with the band 4 times.

Along with his wife, Deborah, and daughter, Nicole, Kent makes his home in West Milford, NJ.  He is proud and honored to be an RS Berkeley Artist.



TP608 | Professional Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated

TPPS625 | Professional Piccolo Trumpet, Silver Plated


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