JORB Embouchure Training Tool For Brass

Designed by renowned instrument technician Jack Onque and trumpeter Richard Boulger, the JORB offers all brass players a new practice tool that will support the development of one's embouchure and overall 'chops' strength'. The JORB and its unique, spring-loaded, cushioned rim will help players to develop a stronger lip vibration and aperture strength, while also serving as a means to help instill a relaxed, steady, air stream. All this promises to give brass players a pronounced improvement in their overall playing. As a teaching tool, The JORB allows students and teachers to clearly view the aperture size and how one’s embouchure is responding.

Made in the USA

Available Models

JTP11 - JORB For Trumpet/Cornet

JTB14 - JORB For Trombone/Baritone Horn/Euphonium

JFH19 - JORB For French Horn

JTU17 - JORB For Tuba/Sousaphone

Instructional Videos

JORB Promotional Video

Co-created by Expert Technician, Jack Onque and Trumpeter, Richard Boulger, the JORB offers all brass players a practice tool that supports the development of their embouchure.

Lesson 2

Advanced and professional brass players will enjoy all of the benefits of working with regular lip buzzing and air patterns, but now have much more flexibility and choices when practicing with the JORB. With regular and sensible practice with the JORB, you will see a pronounced improvement in your sound, endurance, range and overall brass playing.

Also includes:JORB breath patterns transferred to trumpet.

Lesson 1

How to hold your JORB; Basic JORB Set Up and Playing Technique; Introduction to Lip Buzzing and Breath Patterns with your JORB