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Jim Clark

"I am truly enjoying playing the silver Virtuoso Tenor! I have performed only on my vintage tenor ever since my mom bought it for me when I was 15 years old. I love that horn, and it is my oldest and most treasured possession. The Virtuoso Tenor just feels so – comfortable – it’s like a brand-new version of my horn, except for two things. The intonation of the Virtuoso Tenor is better – I brought my tuner when I tried the horn, and it was rock-solid through all the octaves. That is awesome! I can’t say the same for my vintage horn. The altissimo G “pops”. I will never part with my beloved vintage tenor - the sentimental value is too great - but I do have a new primary horn – my silver Virtuoso Tenor! Thanks RS Berkeley, for not being content with making merely a good horn, but persevering to make a great one. Congratulations - you did it!"



Jim Clark is a world-class saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. He leads his own groups, playing tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, and performs and records in a wide variety of musical settings and styles. Whether he is in the recording studio, performing in a small local venue or on stage at Carnegie Hall, his goal is the same – play from the heart with the highest level of musical excellence.



Virtuoso Alto Saxophone

Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone

TP608 | Professional Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated



Saxophonist, Jim Clark Playing The Silver Plated Virtuoso Alto (VIRT1003S) and Tenor (VIRT2003S) Saxophones


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