Flute Lessons

Breathing and Air Flow

Erica von Kleist

Flautist Erica von Kleist Discusses Breathing and Air Flow For Flute


Saxophone Lessons

How To Create a Beautiful Tone

Sherman Irby

Saxophonist Sherman Irby Discusses How To Create a Beautiful Tone on Alto Saxophone

Learning To Play Tunes In Different Keys

David Pope

Saxophonist and Music Educator David Pope Discusses Learning To Play Tunes in Different Keys

The Basic of Breathing

Glen Gray

Saxophonist Glen Gray Discusses The Basics of Breathing


Joren Cain

Saxophonist and Music Educator Joren Cain Discussing Overtones

Etiquette and Arranging

Dave Watson and Darryl Dixon

Saxophonists Dave Watson and Darryl Dixon of CHOPS Horns Discuss Etiquette and Arranging


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