Breathing and Air Flow

Flutist, Erica von Kleist discusses breathing and air flow for flute.

Long Tones

Multi-instrumentalist, Bob Magnuson discusses and demonstrates long tones on flute.

Tone Production

Flutist, Erica von Kleist discusses tone production on the alto flute with a focus on maxing out your sound.

Saxophone Lessons

Air and Breathing, Producing A Great Sound

Saxophonist, Lukas Gabric discusses producing a great sound on saxophone with a focus on air and breathing.

Basics of Breathing

Saxophonist, Glen Gray discusses the basics of breathing for saxophone.

Blues Scale

Saxophonist, Lukas Gabric tutorial on The Blues Scale.

Creating A Nice Sound On Saxophone

Saxophonist, Sherman Irby discusses techniques to create a nice sound on saxophone.

Etiquette and Arranging

CHOPS Horns' Dave Watson and Darryl Dixon on etiquette and arranging at a big show.

Long Tones and Practicing

Saxophonist, Jimmy Merchant Discusses Practicing and Demonstrates Long Tones on Tenor Saxophone.


Saxophonist, Joren Cain discusses overtones.


Saxophonist, Ric Frank provides an overtone exercise for tenor saxophone.

Playing Jazz Standards (Cry Me A River)

Saxophonist, Joren Cain discusses playing jazz standards (Cry Me a River).

Playing Jazz Style

Saxophonist, Joren Cain discusses playing jazz style.

Playing Tunes In Different Keys

Saxophonist, David Pope discusses playing tunes in different keys.

Proper Phrasing and Articulation

Saxophonist, Travis Sullivan discusses the basics of proper phrasing and articulation.

Voice Leading (Improvisation)

Saxophonist, Lukas Gabric discusses and demonstrates voice leading on tenor saxophones.

Trumpet Lessons


Basic Set Up and Introduction To Lip Buzzing and Breath Patterns.


Advanced and professional brass players will enjoy all of the benefits of working with regular lip buzzing and air patterns. Includes: JORB breath patterns transferred to the Trumpet. (Advanced)