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Franco Sattamini

''When I was introduced to Virtuoso saxophones, I was so impressed with it from the first moment. Both the alto and the tenor are rich with outstanding qualities that far surpass the most renowned and traditional brands, vintage or modern. The first thing you notice is the playability! The sound projection and consistency of tone throughout the whole range of the horns are truly unbelievable! The precision and balance of the mechanics are second to none. The craftsmanship is pristine and the intonation is perfect! The ''altissimo'' range (and beyond - which I love to venture into) is so well defined. As I played the Virtuoso more and more, I felt that rare physical connection with the instrument, in the way that it vibrates in conjunction with your body structure . . . you feel it in your mouth, air column and chest. It is an interaction that consolidates the unity player-instrument. I honestly do not see myself playing any other instrument in the future!''



Franco Sattamini is a composer, arranger, producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His long list of credits includes extensive TV scoring, commercial recordings, world touring, arranging and producing numerous cds.


He is an evolving artist who continues to expand his career as a composer and a leading artist. His soundtracks are featured on several Brazilian TV shows, produced by the 3rd largest TV network in the world," Globo TV," and presented in over 20 countries. These programs include “Tieta," “The Farewell Party," “New Life," “Of Body and Soul," “Programa de ĺndio," “Happiness," “Secrets of the Sand,” “Cara e Cruz" and “Double Trouble Unlimited," winner of Best Youth TV Show in England. 

The scores range from Orchestral to mainstream pop, covering all styles of music. Franco is always in touch with the current musical trends and latest production standards.Whether it is an overture theme or a thematic variation cue, his work is always marked by world-class musical and production quality. In addition to scoring in a myriad of musical genres, Franco worked and collaborated with the creators of the Bossa Nova movement. Greats such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Roberto Menescal, among many other Brazilian luminaires, such as Danilo Caymmi, Robertinho de Recife, Fagner, Simone, Joana, Sá & Guarabira, Pepeu Gomes, Sandra de Sá, Guilherme Arantes, Flávio Venturini, Orlando Morais, Wando, Alceu Valença, Roupa Nova, Batacoto, Elymar Santos, Pery Ribeiro, Chitaozinho e Xororó, Sérgio Reis, Emilio Santiago, Vanuza, Zé Augusto,  Xuxa and more.

Franco is a founding member of LARAS – Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, a voting member of NARAS - National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and of NARAS - Producers & Engineers Wing.



VIRT1003S | Virtuoso Alto Saxophone, Silver Plated

VIRT2002L | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Lacquer

F110 | Open Hole Flute with Solid Silver Headjoint

AF201 | Professional Alto Flute, Silver Plated

TP608 | Professional Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated

FLU668 | Flugelhorn, Lacquer