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Don Braden

''I am very impressed with my RS Berkeley Virtuoso gold-plated saxophone. It has a beautiful sound, with plenty of fullness and projection, and the mechanics feel solid. The plating job looks and feels refined, and the gold adds a warm quality that I really like. The most important thing, however, is that I am truly able to get my own sound on this instrument, and the more I play it, the better it gets!''

“RS Berkeley Volaré flutes sound, look and feel great. I play model VOL905 which has a clear and strong tone, and it responds beautifully, even in the low register. The VOL805 responds just as well, but has darker overall sound, which some people might prefer. As a doubler, I find it complements my other instruments very well, so I love playing it!''



Don Braden is a musician of the highest caliber. Having spent years as the saxophonist with greats like Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard and Roy Haynes, he has developed an extensive knowledge of every aspect of jazz performance. He is an imaginative, technically excellent, soulful saxophonist, and his harmonic and rhythmic sophistication give him a unique approach to improvising as well as composing and arranging. Most important of all: he has a beautiful sound, and he swings! All this combines with his joyous yet disciplined personality to make him one of the most important young musicians working today.

In addition to performing and composing for his own groups and CDs, Don Braden has composed for a number of important projects. He spent four years as co-music supervisor/composer for Bill Cosby’s most recent CBS sitcom, “Cosby”, which is now in syndication. He also co-wrote the theme song for Cosby’s current CBS cartoon series, “Little Bill”. Braden is also the proud recipient of a Doris Duke Foundation (in conjunction with Chamber Music America) Jazz composition grant, which will fund the creation of a new work for his Octet.

Braden’s educational endeavors are a very important part of his career.  He is Music Director of the Litchfield Jazz Camp, and the Music Director of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s Wachovia Jazz for Teens program. He is also a visiting professor at the Prins Claus Conservatoire, in Groningen, Netherlands.

As a saxophonist, composer, arranger, and teacher, Don Braden will continue to represent the highest levels of strength, creativity, discipline, joy, and soulfulness as he moves along the classic jazz path: to express a contemporary point of view in the powerful, spiritual, intelligent, and (most importantly) swinging jazz style.



VIRT2005G | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Gold Plated

VOL905 | Volare Flute, Solid Silver



Saxophonist, Don Braden Checking Out The VIRT2005G @NJMEA