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Chris Fitzgerald

“While on tour in California I made the mistake of leaving my horn in the back seat of the car after a gig. The next day I woke up to my window smashed and my saxophone gone. I know this will sound funny but it's the best thing that could have ever happened. I replaced it with an RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Sax and it is an amazing horn! It has great intonation and is effortless to play from top to bottom. It cuts thru in loud situations but still has a depth in sound most modern horns lack. This horn runs circles around my old horn! Thanks RS Berkeley!”




Chris Fitzgerald cut his teeth playing the clubs and bars of New Jersey, jamming with R&B groups throughout the state. Currently touring the US with New Orleans native, Eric Lindell (MC Records), Chris has shared the stage with Walter 'Wolfman' Washington, Big Sam (Big Sam's Funky Nation, Treme) Eric Krasno and Sharif Hobley to name a few.



VIRT2001M | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Antique Matte