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Bob Magnuson

“The core sound on my Virtuoso tenor is robust, centered and full of tonal colors that keep drawing me deeper into this amazing instrument. Bravo times ten RS Berkeley for this great horn!"

"The baritone sax BS509 completely knocks me out. It plays great with a fat sound. To go from tenor to this instrument feels so natural. The keys are in the right place and it’s easy on my fingers. I was so surprised at how well it plays. Every note is in tune and it has a certain ease and depth of sound.”

"LaBeau clarinets are more than impressive. The pro model has improvements that surpass the competition. For example, the low E and register 3rd line B hold rock solid pitch even when picking it up cold. Such an advantage to a doubler and Broadway show type player. The warmth of tone is apparent within the first few notes you play. You will not want to put this instrument down as it draws you in. Upon close inspection one can see that the keywork, tone holes and total construction has been well thought out. You will raise your eyebrow when you try this instrument because the quality of this instrument and affordable price cannot be ignored.”

“The T. Simmonnet oboe is a first class instrument that will surprise any player. The response, pitch, timbre and feel of this instrument competes with any instrument out there.”



Bob has played on the soundtracks of hundreds of televison commercial campaigns including Coca Cola, Macy's, AT&T, J.C. Penney, Chevrolet and recorded and performed with popular artists Whitney Houston, Patti Austin, Phoebe Snow, Cleo Laine, Marc Cohn, Michael Bolton, B.B. King, Issac Hayes, Eddie Murphy, Expose, Glenn Alexander, and Frank Zappa's Universe.

As a studio musician Bob has enjoyed playing next to saxophone greats David Sanborn, Lenny Picket, Michael Brecker, Lee Konitz, and Ronnie Cuber. His professional career supports his love for jazz and ethnic musics. Constant study is his passion.



VIRT1007NL | Virtuoso Alto Saxophone, Unlacquered

VIRT2005G | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Gold Plated

BS509 | Professional Baritone Saxophone, Lacquer

SOPR500 | Professional Sopranino Saxophone, Lacquer

SOCURV445 | Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone, Lacquer

VOL905 | Volare Flute, Solid Silver

AF201 | Professional Alto Flute

P1200 | Professional Piccolo, Grenadilla

BEAU421 | LaBeau Clarinet, Grenadilla

OB436 | T. Simmonnet Full Conservatory Oboe, Grenadilla

ENG10 | T. Simmonnet English Horn, Resonite