Albert Sanchez

“When I pulled the BS509 baritone sax out of the case I noticed it is lighter than other brands I've tried.  I was blown away with the projection and ease of play. What I like the most is the positioning of the keys, which fall right into your fingers and palms without any awkward movements to reach any of the keys. I took it from the box to a recording session and it played flawlessly. The intonation is great and the sound is phenomenal.”

“As a saxophonist I always look for a saxophone that not only sounds good, but has features that makes the experience an enjoyable one. I was looking for a curved soprano sax because the contour makes it easier to play on stage. I gave the SOCUR445 a try and was blown away with all this little horn was capable of producing. This sturdy saxophone is well built, extremely well in tune and ready to take on any challenge. You can easily go from low Bb to high F# and overtones without any resistance from the horn. The sax keys are positioned in such a way that even a big-handed person like me will find it very comfortable to play. I have taken this instrument from the stage to the recording studio and performance after performance this instrument has proven to be the best soprano sax I’ve ever had!”



Albert Sanchez began his musical journey at the tender age of 7 when his then 10 years old brother Alexander, a self-taught musician and Albert's biggest musical influence, became his first music teacher. As he needed someone to play duets with, Alexander taught Albert how to play guitar, bass guitar and percussion. Within months the Sanchez' brothers organized and created "Luz de Borinquen", a five-member musical ensemble capable of performing native tunes from the Puerto Rican folklore at a professional level. Together, the group toured constantly around Puerto Rico, performing constantly on children television programs and proudly representing his hometown on Catano.

After many years performing as a guitarist with Luz de Borinquen, Albert started performing for various salsa groups in a variety of instruments, to include Congas, Bongo, Timbales, Bass Guitar and vocals, and performing with the likes of Nacho Sanabria, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez and Raul Marrero, among others. After being accepted at the renown "Escuela Libre de Musica" in San Juan, PR, he was fascinated with the

Saxophone, and quickly abandoned the percussion as he fell in love with the sax and the challenge of learning a wind instrument conveyed. While as a student of "La Libre!" and later of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, he had the honor of perform and record with several salsa and merengue artists and groups from Puerto Rico and abroad, to include La Lupe, Tito Allen, Los Hijos del Merengue, Andy Montanez, Lalo Rodriguez, Michael Stuart, Jerry Rivera, Cano Estremera, and Tito Puente Jr., to mention a few of the so many artists he have performed with. He also have performed Latin Jazz and Jazz in various ensembles throughout the United States and abroad.



VIRT1003S | Virtuoso Alto Saxophone, Silver Plated

VIRT2007NL | Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone, Unlacquered

BS509 | Professional Baritone Saxophone, Lacquer

SOCUR445 | Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone

VOL905 | Volare Flute, Solid Silver


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